A will is designed to provide direction on how a departed individual wishes to have assets divided among named beneficiaries. When disputes arise between beneficiaries about inheritance, however, the Raleigh estate litigation attorneys of Meynardie & Nanney, PLLC, provide informed counsel and guidance on pursuing a will contest, known as a will caveat proceeding in North Carolina. Our lawyers have more than 60 years of combined experience handling the complexities of estate and probate litigation. We represent clients throughout the state as well as clients from out of state involved in estate litigation within North Carolina.

Filing A Will Contest

Will contests can arise when beneficiaries find that they have been mysteriously disinherited or they receive much less than was expected. While the testator, the person who created the will, has the right to make changes to the will throughout his or her lifetime, in some cases these changes may seem incongruous. Common situations in which will contests occur include:

  • When one particular beneficiary is written completely out of the will
  • Where the testator has disinherited stepchildren or children of a spouse’s prior relationship
  • When most of the estate is left to a nonfamily member such as a caregiver or a local organization or charity
  • Where inequalities exist between beneficiaries, especially family members

Both Mr. Meynardie and Mr. Nanney have experience investigating such issues for evidence of another party’s undue influence on the deceased such that the will was changed. They will also investigate whether the deceased was perhaps mentally incapacitated at the time the changes were introduced, working with the medical experts and elder care specialists, if necessary.

Claims For Executor Negligence

Beneficiaries may also accuse named executors or court-appointed administrators of willful wrongdoing while carrying out their duties to settle the estate. We represent disenfranchised beneficiaries as well as executors or administrators involved in claims for negligent estate administration.

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