Get Answers For A Breach Of Contract Case

When facing a difficult business conflict, it is vital to have accurate, relevant information at your fingertips. After all, getting the right legal information can help you make decisions that can protect your company. At [nap_names id=”FIRM-NAME-1″], our business and commercial litigation attorneys can give you specific counsel for your case.

How Do I Know If I Have A Claim For Breach Of Contract?

Your case needs to meet four criteria to involve a breach of contract, including:

  1. A valid contract between you and the other party
  2. Your performance of your contractual obligations or legal justification for not performing them
  3. The other party’s failure to perform their contractual obligations
  4. Quantifiable damages due to the other party’s failure to uphold the contract

It is important to consult an attorney for detailed advice if you believe that someone has breached your contract.

How Long Do I Have To Bring A Claim For Breach Of Contract?

The statute of limitations for breach of contract claims in North Carolina is usually three years. However, there are certain situations in which more time may be necessary. For example, the deadline may not apply to some construction claims that involve latent defects.

I Paid For A Product Or Service, But The Company Failed To Deliver What They Promised.  Does Our Agreement Have To Be In Writing?

It depends. Most cases do not require a formal agreement, but there are certain situations in which the statute of frauds requires a promise to be in writing to be enforceable.

Can I Legally Recover From The Pain And Suffering That A Breach Of Contract Causes?

Although each case is unique, damages for breach of contract generally depend on the economic loss from the breach. The goal of litigation is to put the non-breaching party into the same position they would have been in if there had been no breach. For example, if you bought a machine and a flywheel on the machine did not function, your damages likely would be the cost of repairing or replacing the flywheel.

If you do not believe that you have suffered economic loss, you can still consult a skilled business lawyer to review your case.

Get A Detailed Consultation

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